2016-03-19 14.08.22

Glenbarrow – Waterfall Loop

Hi everyone! Hope you had a nice Easter? I had planned some many things before, but didn’t do much eventually :/ ehh… Anyway I think I needed this break to just relax and clear my mind. Having more time gave me more ideas and…

March 31, 2016


Hello everybody! How are you all doing? Are you ready for Easter? We wanted to take a trip this weekend, but the weather doesn’t look good (Typicall!!!), so we’re staying home and gonna eat lots of chocolate eggs! oh wait I forgot… I can’t!…

March 25, 2016
2016-03-12 15.45.50

Arnotts Fashion Show

Hello! Is anybody there? I haven’t been posting for some time for a few reasons which I maybe tell you about soon. Recently I’ve started Fashion Styling Course inΒ LA College Of Creative Arts in Dublin. I’m having amazing time throughout and highly recommend this…

March 13, 2016
2016-02-07 12.59.42

African Sun- Tan and Beauty Studio

Hello everybody! Today I have something different than usual as I rarely write beauty post. Recently I’ve been asked to collaborate with one of the beauty therapist in Athlone. We are working on a new project which I’m really excited about it and I’ll…

February 7, 2016

White dress in winter time!

Hello everyone after a long break. Finally today a new post in 2016! I decided to begin a new year with a bit elegant outfit of the day. My love to monochrome style is deeper everyday, which you will probably see in the future…

January 16, 2016
2015-12-16 20.09.52

Christmas tree and table decorations

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having great Christmas. I’m chilling in my bed with a new book and chatting on Skype with my family and friends. I think Skype was one of the best invention in the last millenium; it makes live so much easier,…

December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

  You are special, you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are! Hope you’re spending this time the way you want and doing what makes you happy! May your life be filled with joy and happiness and…

December 25, 2015

My easy Christmas decorations

Hello there! Christmas is almost here! Yee.. This year I’m not flying home for Christmas, so I have to prepare all food by myself and most important decorate the apartment. So today I’ll share with you my easy Christmas decorations wich are simple and…

December 23, 2015

Christmas outfit inspirations for women

Hello! I’ve been looking around to find some Christmas outfit inspirations.Β  I was thinking if there is any dress code for that time of year? Of course we should look neatly than usual, but should we all follow those rules created by magazines andΒ …

December 20, 2015